Recent Press and Media Coverage:

BOOM: Biomechanics on our Minds Podcast Interview (July 2019) – talking about fashion in science and how to navigate scientific conferences

California Sea Grant announces new faculty awards (March 2019) - PI Holly Bik was funded to carry out a project focused on “Assessing the health and productivity of Southern California estuaries using high-throughput sequencing of benthic meiofauna”

Microbiome Study Suggests Marine Nematodes Are Not Picky Eaters (April 2018) - press release for Schuelke et al. 2018 study published in Molecular Ecology

UC Merced RadioBio Podcast Interview (October 2017) – graduate students interview Dr. Holly Bik during a seminar visit

“How ATMs spread Money and Microbes”, Radio Interview for the WGBH Innovation Hub (December 2016) - interview about Bik et al. 2016 study published in mSphere


Dr. Holly Bik currently teaches the following courses at UC Riverside:

Biol 020 The Dynamic Genome - a research-based alternative to an introductory biology course - freshmen undergraduates complete a unit focused on nematode DNA barcoding, including taxonomic identifications (microscopy), PCR, Sanger Sequencing, and basic bioinformatics. Course materials freely available on GitHub.

BIOL/NEM 159 Biology of Nematodes - lecture-based, upper division undergraduate course

MCBL 211 Microbial Ecology - team-taught graduate course, a core requirement of the UCR microbiology graduate program.



Deep-Sea News (DSN) -

A popular marine science blog written by practicing scientists (Dr. Holly Bik is an Associate Editor and contributing writer). The mission of DSN is “demystifying and humanizing science in an open conversation that instills passion, awe, and responsibility for the oceans.”